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Endohedral filling

In this topic, fundamental research aims at elaborating hybrid nano-systems (dyes confinement into the hollow core of SWCNT) with new physical properties.

One major challenge is the understanding, the mastering and the tuning of the optical and electronic properties. Key parameters such as diameter and metallic or semiconducting character of nanotube, together with the electron donor or acceptor character of the confined molecules, are of crucial importance, allow to modulate the properties of the hybrid nano-systems.
We are particularly interested in the understanding of the physical interactions taking place between the encapsulated molecules and the nanotube wall and also in the resulting optically activated phenomena. Different linear donors (thiophene oligomers-4T) and acceptors (tetracyanoquinodimethane-TCNQ) molecules were investigated. Furthermore square like shape molecules (phthalocyanine-MPc) displaying a remarkably high extinction coefficient in the 650-720 nm region were studied.

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