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Team: Complex Systems and Nonlinear Phenomena

The research activities of the group « Complex Systems and Nonlinear Phenomena » revolve essentially around the study of nonlinear phenomena and their models in theoretical physics. The domains of application covered by the group range from supramolecular and cellular biological systems, fluid mechanics and spin physics to nonlinearities and instabilities in optics, nanosciences and radiative transfer. Some of these themes are investigated through asymptotic models based on perturbation theories, scaling laws and group theory, while others are treated from a variational, multiscale or inverse scattering point of view. Our group is currently developing research projects that are situated at the interface with biology, geosciences and the environmental sciences. It consists of university professors involved in the masters of physics (programs that specialize in condensed matter, physics of life, cosmology, and particles and fields) and in the CMLUC program that trains qualified technicians in the domain of light and color control and management.

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Latest publications

+ Dynamic spin-charge coupling: ac spin Hall magnetoresistance in nonmagnetic conductors doi link

Author(s): Alekseev P. s., Dyakonov M.

(Article) Published: Physical Review B Condensed Matter And Materials Physics, vol. 100 p.081301 (2019)
Links openAccess full text : arxiv

+ When will we have a quantum computer? doi link

Author(s): Dyakonov M.

(Article) Published: Solid-State Electronics, vol. 155 p.4-6 (2019)
Links openAccess full text : arxiv

+ Low-frequency phonon dynamics and related thermal properties of axially stressed single-walled carbon nanotubes doi link

Author(s): Chalin Dmitrii, Avramenko Marina v., Parmeggiani A., Rochal S.B.

(Article) Published: Journal Of Physics: Condensed Matter, vol. 31 p.425302 (2019)