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Development of a microfluidic platform compatible with vacuum and cryogenics

par Christelle EVE - publié le

Context :
Modern microfluidic technologies rely on materials that are intended for operation in air and in ambient conditions. Most of the time, samples are made on glass substrates and capped with PDMS [1]. Although this is sufficient for studying for instance living systems, the PDMS is unfortunately permeable to gazes which restrains its field of use. Up to date, there are no ‘simple’ technology available for working under vacuum and cryogenic conditions. Such technology is mandatory for studies in the field of condensed matter physics. [1] Y. Temiz, R. Lovchik, G. V. Kaigala, E. Delamarche, Microelectronic Engineering 132 (2015)

Scientific and technical work :
In this project, the intern will be in charge of developing an original concept of microfluidic platform compatible both with vacuum and cryogenic operations. More specifically, the intern will have to develop a system to realize the critical part, that is the vacuum jointing. The intern will therefore develop a micro-positioning system coupled with a micro-deposition setup to realize patterned epoxy joints on a substrate. The joints will be tested under vacuum and cryogenics operation to assess the reliability and the durability of the proposed scheme.

Depending on the time allowed for the internship, the process will be pushed forward by including clean-room fabrication of samples. Alternatively, the applicant can choose to work on the automation of the positioning/deposition setup.
This internship can be followed by a PhD thesis in the case of a Master 2 applicant. Profile Background in Physics (level Master, Engineering diploma, or equivalent). Experimental skills required. Experience in Python coding can be a plus.

Additional information :
Length of the internship : 2 to 6 months
Starting date : flexible, to be defined with the candidate

Advisors : Adrien Noury
Email :