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Viscous, viscoelastic, and elastic sheets

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Viscous, viscoelastic, and elastic sheets
People involved : S. Arora (PhD), C. Ligoure (Pr.), L. Ramos (DR. CNRS) T. Phou (IE), J-M Fromental (IE), collaboration with S. Mora (Pr - LMGC)

The impact of liquid drops and/ or elastic balls is relevant for a large number of industrial processes (e.g., inkjet printing, spray coating, and pesticide delivery and touches upon the fundamental challenges of spreading, splashing, and bouncing that arise in this paradigmatic experiment.
We investigate the dynamics and the instability of thin sheets resulting from the impact of drops of viscous liquids, viscoelastic liquids or of ultra-soft elastic balls on surface with and without viscous dissipation

Maximal extension of sheets resulting from the impact of (i) a viscous drop and (( (i), (ii), (iii ) ) soft elastic balls with various elastic moduli, on a solid surface covered by a thin layer of N2 to limit viscous dissipation.