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Open Postdoctoral Position at L2C lab

par Christelle EVE - publié le

We are looking for a motivated post-doc to join the “Charles Coulomb (L2C)” research lab of Montpellier. The position represents an opportunity to work as part of a collaborative project funded by the “Occitanie” region. In addition to L2C, the project involves the “Centre d’Elaboration des Matériaux et d’Etudes Structurales (CEMES)” and the “Laboratoire d’Architecture et d’Analyse des Systèmes (LAAS)” CNRS research labs of Toulouse and the “Institut Européen des Membranes (IEM)” and Annealsys Company located in Montpellier.

The recruited postdoc will work in the framework of regional project “DIMENSION” dedicated to the elaboration of large surface TMD materials as MoS2. These 2D materials will be used to develop new optoelectronic sensors and membranes to purify gases and water by filtration. Many advanced equipment is available in the teams involved in the project. The postdoc will be recruited from L2C and will work closely with Annealsys. He/She will benefit from the expertise of specialists in the characterization of 2D materials (L2C, CEMES) and the growth of lamellar materials (L2C, IEM, Annealsys).

The candidate will be at the center of the project and will have to work and make the link between the different partners.

Principal activities :

  • - Optimization of growth processes
  • - Physic on 2D materials including the use of new equipment, a wavelength tunable laser.

Postdoctoral profile

  • - The candidate must be motivated by experimental physics, background in condensed matter physics or physico-chemistry of materials will be appreciate
  • - Ability for working in the frame of a multi-disciplinary project
  • - Meticulousness, scientific rigor
  • - Ability to communicate (report / results presentations)
  • - An optical spectroscopy experience is a plus
  • Duration of Postdoctoral position 26 Months
    Expression of Interest
    Please send the following documents to Périne Landois and Matthieu Paillet

- Cover letter (please include contacts of at least two references)
- CV including major achievements