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Phase transitions and pressure-induced amorphization of GeTe-Sb2Te3 compounds, which are used as phase-change optical memories (DVD)

par Sébastien LAYSSAC - publié le , mis à jour le

Those materials are used as rewritable DVD due to their quick and reversible crystal/amorphous transition, under a laser pulse. We have demonstrated that pressure is an important A written bit (amorphous confined in a crystalline matrix within a rigid structure) of a DVD is submitted to a pressure of a few GPa. Pressure is an important parameter to take into account in the writing process in DVDs, in addition to temperature whose influence is usually accounted. Pressure-induced amorphization is observed in those materials, independent of the temperature,
up to about 145°C. Collaboration with A. Pradel, M. Ribes, J. Haines, A. Kolobov , M. Krbal (ICGM), R. Le Parc (LCVN), P. Fons, J. Tominaga (Canfor, Tsukuba, Japon)

Publications :
M. Krbal et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 103 115502 (2009)
M. Krbal et al Applied Physics Letters 93 (2008) 031918