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Recrutement :24 Months postdoc : Studying water in extreme confinement through the development of a coupled nanofluidic-nanomechanics platform

par Christelle EVE - publié le

The aim of the project is to experimentally investigate the properties of water in extreme confinement inside carbon nanotubes.

Confining matter at the nanoscale leads to the appearance of physical properties that differ fundamentally from the bulk. It is particularly true for water : water molecules adopt unique structures under confinement, which influences both its phase diagram and flow properties.
At this scale, the number of particles involved is quite small, on the order of a few hundred of molecules. Therefore, original methods are to be invented to sensitively probe the physics of those objects.
Nanomechanics is capable to take up this challenge, and in particular nano resonators made of carbon nanotube. Carbon nanotube mechanical oscillator have an exquisite sensitivity, down to the mass of a single proton. Carbon nanotube are also an ideal confinement matrix, as they have intrinsically very few defects. Besides, their structure and their fabrication are technologically mature.

The project will focus on developing an original nanofluidic-nanomechanic platform, with aim to probe the structure of confined matter, its phase transitions and the physics of flows at this scale.

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