- The normal Casimir-Lifshitz force for laterally moving graphene doi link

Auteur(s): Antezza M., Emelianova N., Khusnutdinov N.

(Article) Publié: Nanotechnology, vol. 35 p.235001 (2024)

DOI: 10.1088/1361-6528/ad2f1c

We consider the system of two parallel sheets of graphene which are moving with relative parallel velocity $\vec{v}$ and calculate the Casimir energy by using the scattering approach. We analyze in detail the normal (perpendicular to the planes) Casimir force for two systems—graphene/graphene and ideal metal/graphene. In the non-relativistic case v ≪ vF, the relative correction to the Casimir energy $({{ \mathcal E }}_{v}-{{ \mathcal E }}_{0})/{{ \mathcal E }}_{0}$ is proportional to the (v/c)2 (the maximum value is 0.0033 for the gapeless case and v = vF) for the first system, and it is zero up to the Fermi velocity v = vF for system ideal metal/graphene.