- Giant thermal magnetoresistance driven by graphene magnetoplasmon doi link

Auteur(s): He Mingjian, Qi Hong, Su Yan-xiong, Ren Yatao, Zhao Yijun, Antezza M.(Corresp.)

(Article) Publié: Applied Physics Letters, vol. 117 p.113104 (2020)

DOI: 10.1063/5.0022261

In this work, we have predicted a giant thermal magnetoresistance for the thermal photon transport based on the tunable magnetoplasmon of graphene. By applying an external magnetic field, we find that the heat flux can be modulated by approximately three orders of magnitude. Accordingly, both negative and giant relative thermal magnetoresistance ratios are achieved for magnetic fields with a maximum strength of 4 Tesla. This effect is mainly caused by the suppression and enhancement of scattering interactions mediated by a graphene magnetoplasmon. Specifically, it has never been achieved before for nanoparticles, which have no response to magnetic fields. The effect is remarkable at these reasonable strengths of fields and, thus, has considerable significance for real-life applications. It is also expected to enable technological advances for thermal measurement-based magnetic sensors and magnetically thermal management.