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Jeu. 22/04/2021 14:00 Webinar

Tea Time Talk

(Interactions fondamentales, Astroparticules et Cosmologie)


$T^3$ webinar*

Felix will entertain us with an introduction to Seiberg duality,
in two parts:

14:00 pre-time talk: "Superspace and superfields for N=1 SUSY in D=4", will be a rapid but pedagogical introduction to the superfield
formalism, to the extent that is needed to understand the notation for
the following talk. If you know supersymmetry, no need to attend.

15:00 tea-time talk: "The infrared structure of N=1 supersymmetric QCD"
This talk is an introduction to Seiberg duality in SU(N_c)
supersymmetric gauge theory with N_f fundamental flavours. It will start
with an overview of the different conjectured phases for different
values of N_f and N_c. We will then study the free magnetic phase in
some detail. Further possible topics are s-confinement, the
quantum-deformed moduli space, the interacting conformal phase or
metastable dynamical supersymmetry breaking.

*tea/coffee/biscuits break at your convenience time

Pour plus d'informations, merci de contacter Moultaka G.