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Jeu. 07/04/2022 09:45 sc 36.07

SALEZ Thomas (CNRS, Université de Bordeaux, Hokkaido University)
Lift at low Reynolds

(Matière Molle & Verres)


Soft and wet contact arises in a range of phenomena that spans many length and time scales, and includes : landslides, aquaplaning of tires, wear of industrial bearings, ageing of synovial and cartilaginous joints, cell motion in blood vessels or microfluidic devices, and atomic-force or surface-force rheology. Therein, the coupling between boundary elasticity and confined viscous flow leads to a striking zoology of counterintuitive emergent effects. From the canonical situation of a free particle that can simultaneously sediment, slide, and roll in a viscous fluid, and near a soft wall, we study a range of novel inertial-like (despite the low-Reynolds-number flow) features, such as : enhanced sedimentation, elastohydrodynamic bouncing, roll reversal, emergent lift and torque...

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