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Mar. 12/04/2022 14:30 Andromede, Bâtiment 11, Etage 3

RASSKIN Iván (Institut Montpelliérain Alexander Grothendieck)
A polytopal approach to Apollonian packings and discrete knotted structures


In this talk, I will describe the connection of two geometric objects: Apollonian (sphere) packings and knots. Both objects have several applications in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science. Indeed, recent models in soft and condensed matter use Apollonian packings as a simple discrete method to describe foam structures, polydisperse emulsions or granular crushing. On the other hand, knotted and linked molecules appear naturally in biopolymers like proteins, DNA or RNA. In biochemical synthesis, there is a great interest on developing methods for the construction of knotted and linked synthetic molecules, since they reveal greater elasticity than simple molecules. I will give a brief survey on the geometry behind Apollonian packings, and I will present new methods for the construction of optimal knotted and linked structures based on a 3D generalization of Apollonian packings.

Joint work with Jorge L. Ramírez Alfonsín.

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