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Mar. 04/10/2022 10:00 Salle RdC, Bâtiment 11, RdC (à confirmer)

ZARBON & FURTADO Aldo & Clascidia (UFPR Curitiba)
Thin layers of nanomaterials prepared at liquid-liquid interfaces & Nanocarbon-biomolecule platforms for vaccines and biosensors

(Nanostructures & Spectroscopie)


Abstract Clascidia Furtado: The possibility of manipulating matter and controlling processes at the nanoscale, which overlaps the scale of biological structures and processes, has brought unprecedented advances in nanobiotechnologies. An example is the construction of multifunctional nanoplatforms, with special attention to those based on carbon nanostructures (nanotubes and graphenes) containing biomolecules (proteins, peptides, nucleic acids) or drugs anchored on their surface. They can outperform conventional molecular compounds due to their high reactivity and ability to undergo multiple functionalizations, generating technological solutions with high sensitivity, specificity and selectivity. In this talk, we will describe our group's efforts to 1) carefully obtain nanocarbon-protein/aptamer platforms for vaccine formulations and biosensors with response and diagnostic potential for cancer; and 2) understand nanomaterial-biomolecule interactions.

Abstract Aldo Zarbin: This talk will demonstrate the huge potentiality coming from the interface between immiscible liquids to synthesize, stabilize and process complex materials as transparent and conductive thin films to be applied in different technological systems and devices. Examples of multicomponent materials combining carbon nanostructures (nanotubes, graphene), 2D materials, Prussian blue analogues, metal nanoparticles and conducting polymers will be presented, highlighting unique preparative routes, characterization techniques, study of properties and the structure/properties relationship, thin film deposition over several solid substrates and application in transparent aqueous metal-ion batteries; flexible supercapacitors; electrochromic devices; solar cells; as transparent electrodes and as catalysts.

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