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Ven. 26/04/2024 11:30 Salle des Séminaires, Bâtiment 21, Etage 4

MASTROLIA Pierpaolo (Università di Padova)
Intersection Numbers from Electromagnetism to Quantum Field Theory

(Théorie des Interactions Fondamentales)


Elaborating on the recent developments concerning Feynman integrals' calculus and Scattering Amplitudes' evaluation,
I introduce the Intersection Theory for twisted de Rham co-homology, and discuss how Intersection Numbers rule the vector-space structure of special functions, such as Euler-Mellin integrals, appearing in Mathematics and Physics.
Applications in Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics,
QFT and Cosmology point to the crucial impact of Intersection Theory on the theory of Fundamental Interactions.

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