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Lun. 14/12/2015 14:00 Andromede, Bâtiment 11, Etage 3

NERI Izaak (Max Planck Institut for Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany)
Decision Making in the Arrow of Time

(Physique Théorique)


We provide an interpretation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics in terms of the time it takes for an observer to decide on the direction of the arrow of time. Such a decision can be made efficiently with a prescribed reliability using the sequential probability ratio test. We show that the steady state entropy production rate is inversely proportional to the average decision time. Furthermore,the distribution of decision times obeys a fluctuation theorem which implies that the decision time distributions have the same shape for correct and wrong decisions. Our results are demonstrated by numerical simulations of two simple examples of nonequilibrium stochastic processes.

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