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Mar. 24/09/2019 14:00 Grande Ourse, Bâtiment 13, Etage 1

DESCOTES-GENON Sébastien (LPT, Orsay)
B anomalies : a status report

(Interactions fondamentales, Astroparticules et Cosmologie)


Recent data on b->c ℓ nu and b→sℓℓ transitions exhibit an interesting pattern of deviations from Standard Model expectations, hinting at the violation of lepton flavour universality. I will recall the current situation for the various observables of interest. I will discuss the theoretical approaches used to determine the Standard Model predictions for these observables and some of their shortcomings, before explaining how the observed deviations can be analysed in a model-independent framework. I will then briefly discuss some of the simplified New Physics models used to explain the deviations observed.

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