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Photo de CIPELLETTI Luca
Organism : Université Montpellier
Doctoral co-advisor of : MILANI M., CARBONARO A.,
Team: Matière Molle (supervisor of)
Other research theme(s) or assignment(s) :
 - Transition vitreuse, hétérogénéité dynamique et vieillissement dans les systèmes a dynamique lente
 - Dynamique et rhéologie des fluides complexes (gels, polymères, mousses, colloïdes)
 - Physique de systèmes biologiques
 - Jamming, plasticité et défaillance des matériaux
 - Composites mous
Room: 101, Build.: 11 - Site : Campus Triolet

National Administration:
  • Expert ANR
  • CNU
Local Administration:
  • Membre d'un pool d'experts
  • Direction d'équipe
  • IUF
Research Activities:     
Scientific achievements:

- Development of innovative light scattering techniques: I was among the pioneers of multispeckle light scattering. I've introduced new space and time-resolved dynamic light scattering methods now used by several groups.

- Glassy colloidal hard spheres: I have experimentally demonstrated that there is no glass transition "à la mode coupling".

- Non-diffusive slow dynamics in glassy/jammed soft matter: I discovered unusual ballistic dynamics in out-of-equilibrium soft materials, now believed to be quite general, including in metallic glasses.

- Dynamical heterogeneity: I showed that the slow dynamics of glassy/jammed soft materials is quite generally heterogeneous in space and time, in analogy to theoretical predictions for molecular glass formers.

- Sedimentation of colloidal suspensions and gels: I've shown that velocity fluctuations in settling suspensions may be non-stationary, thereby rationalizing previous contradictory results. I quantitatively tested theoretical predictions for the macroscopic behavior of settling gels (poroelastic model) and established a relation with their microscopic dynamics
Research Program/Curriculum vitae:
fichier PDF
Research Topics:
  • Physics/Condensed Matter/Soft Condensed Matter
. Dynamique lente, intermittence et vieillissement dans les systemes vitreux moux

Author(s): Cipelletti L.

(H.D.R.) , 2002

Latest scientific productions :
+ Unraveling the Speciation of β-Amyloid Peptides during the Aggregation Process by Taylor Dispersion Analysis doi link

Author(s): Deleanu Mihai, Hernandez Jean-François, Cipelletti L., Biron Jean-Philippe, Rossi Emilie, Taverna Myriam, Cottet Herve, Chamieh Joseph

(Article) Published: Analytical Chemistry, vol. 93 p.6523-6533 (2021)
Links openAccess full text : fichier pdf

+ Role of Normal Stress in the Creep Dynamics and Failure of a Biopolymer Gel doi link

Author(s): Pommella A., Cipelletti L., Ramos L.(Corresp.)

(Article) Published: Physical Review Letters, vol. 125 p.268006 (2020)
Links openAccess full text : arxiv

+ Role of normal stress in the creep dynamics and failure of a biopolymer gel arxiv link

Author(s): Pommella A., Cipelletti L.(Corresp.), Ramos L.(Corresp.)

(Document without bibliographic reference) 2020-12-17
Links openAccess full text : arxiv

+ Ultralow effective interfacial tension between miscible molecular fluids doi link

Author(s): Carbonaro A.(Corresp.), Cipelletti L., Truzzolillo D.

(Article) Published: Physical Review Fluids, vol. 5 p.074001 (2020)
Links openAccess full text : arxiv

+ Size-based characterization of polysaccharides by Taylor dispersion analysis with photochemical oxidation or back scattering interferometry detections doi link

Author(s): LECLERCQ L, Saetear Phoonthawee, Rolland-Sabaté Agnès, Biron Jean Philippe, Chamieh Joseph, Cipelletti L., Bornhop Darryl J, Cottet Herve

(Article) Published: Macromolecules, vol. 52 p.4421-4431 (2019)
Links openAccess full text : openaccess