- Resonantly enhanced second harmonic generation in a one-dimensional GaN-based photonic crystal slab hal link

Auteur(s): Torres Jeremi, Le vassor d'yerville Marine, Cassagne D., Legros Rene, Lascaray Jean-paul

Conference: Symposium on GaN, AIN, InN and Their Alloys held at the 2004 MRS Fall Meeting (Boston (MA), US, 2004-11-29)
Actes de conférence: GaN, AIN, InN and Their Alloys, vol. 831 p.369-377 (2005)

Ref HAL: hal-00437960_v1
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We have performed investigations of resonance effects inside a gallium nitride one-dimensional photonic crystal slab in order to enhance the second-harmonic generated from an beam incident on the surface of the slab. Convenient conditions on the incident beam propagation direction and polarization are first identified by experimental or theoretical linear optical studies. Giant enhancements in the second-harmonic conversion have been obtained by comparison with the unpatterned GaN layer. The combined role of the resonant coupling of the fundamental field and of the second-harmonic field has been observed by rotating the polarization of the fundamental beam.