- Linear waveguides in photonic crystals based on periodic arrangement of spheres - art. no. 618226 hal link

Auteur(s): Vynck Kevin, Cassagne D., Centeno Emmanuel

Conference: Conference on Photonic Crystal Materials and Devices III (i.e.V) (Strasbourg (FRANCE), FR, 2006-04-03)
Actes de conférence: Photonic Crystal Materials and Devices III (i.e. V), vol. 6182 p.18226-18226 (2006)

Ref HAL: hal-00437956_v1
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We demonstrate the possibility of waveguiding electromagnetic waves in a monolayer of dielectric spheres. While light is confined vertically by index guiding, a triangular superlattice monolayer of spheres was found to exhibit a photonic band gap below the light cone, thereby preventing light from propagating laterally. A gap map of this structure is presented. We propose a possible waveguide configuration that yields two non-degenerate defect modes lying within the photonic band gap. Such a structure may be particularly interesting for coupling light into self-assembled colloidal photonic crystals.