- Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Enabled CRM Capability in Healthcare: The Impact on Service Innovation doi link

Auteur(s): Kumar P., Sharma S.K., Dutot Vincent

(Article) Publié: International Journal Of Information Management, vol. 69 p. (2023)

Ref HAL: hal-04292614_v1
DOI: 10.1016/j.ijinfomgt.2022.102598
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Although AI-enabled customer relationship management (CRM) systems have gained momentum in healthcare to enhance performance, there is a striking dearth of knowledge on how such capabilities are formed and affect service innovation. The study adopted a mixed-method approach to investigate the underlying phenomena. This research infused resource-based theory, dynamic capability theory, and theory of productivity paradox to investigate how healthcare in India acquires AI-enabled CRM capabilities and enhances service innovation. We identified the facets of AI-enabled CRM capabilities using a case study and developed a framework for AI-enabled CRM capability and service innovation. This study noticed that customer service flexibility (CSF) is a missing link in this relationship. The findings of the quantitative study employing PLS-SEM reveal the linear relationships between AI-enabled CRM capability, CSF, and service innovation. This study explains the formation of AI-enabled CRM capabilities to fill the research gap and direct innovative performance in healthcare, which is an immediate need to sustain in a volatile environment. This study provides theoretical implications to enhance the research stream and practical implications for decision-makers. \textcopyright 2022 Elsevier Ltd