- Tuning of the magnetotransport properties of a spin-polarized 2D electron system using visible light doi link

Auteur(s): D’antuono Maria, Chen Yu, Caruso Roberta, Jouault B., Salluzzo Marco, Stornaiuolo Daniela

(Article) Publié: Scientific Reports, vol. 13 p.10050 (2023)

Ref HAL: hal-04304328_v1
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-023-36957-w
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We report on the effects of visible light on the low temperature electronic properties of the spinpolarized two dimensional electron system (2DES) formed at the interfaces between LaAlO 3 , EuTiO 3 and (001) SrTiO 3. A strong, persistent modulation of both longitudinal and transverse conductivity was obtained using light emitting diodes (LEDs) with emissions at different wavelengths in the visible spectrum range. In particular, Hall effect data show that visible light induces a non-volatile electron filling of bands with mainly 3d xz,yz character, and at the same time an enhancement of the anomalous Hall effect associated to the magnetic properties of the system. Accordingly, a suppression of the weak-anti localization corrections to the magneto-conductance is found, which correlates with an enhancement of the spin-polarization and of the ferromagnetic character of 2DES. The results establish the LED-induced photo-doping as a viable route for the control of the ground state properties of artificial spin-polarized oxide 2DES.