- New Semiconductor Materials and Devices for Terahertz Imaging and Sensing

Auteur(s): Otsuji T., Watanabe T., Akagawa K., Tanimoto Y., Tombet S. boubanga, Suemitsu T., Chan S., Coquillat D., Knap W., Ryzhii V.

Conference: IEEE Conference on Sensors (Limerick (IRELAND), FR, 2011-10-28)
Actes de conférence: 2011 IEEE SENSORS, vol. p.44-47 (2011)


Recent advances in materials and device structures for terahertz imaging and sensing technology are reviewed. The fundamental physical principle for terahertz imaging/sensing is focused on the nonlinear dynamics of plasmons in two-dimensional semiconductors including quantum wells in III-V based heterostructures as well as graphene.