- Field Effect Transistors for Terahertz Applications hal link

Auteur(s): Knap W.

Conférence invité: International Workshop on Future Trends in Microelectronics 2012 (, FR, 2012-06-25)

Ref HAL: hal-00809794_v1
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In this work we report on investigations of Terahertz detectors based on low-cost silicon technology field effect transistors and asymmetric unit cell double grating gate field effect transistor. Double-grating-gate field-effect transistors have a great potential as terahertz detectors. This is because the double grating gate serves not only for carrier density tuning but also as an efficient THz radiation coupler. In this paper, we present characterization of these transistors using high magnetic fields. Low and high magnetic field data are used to determine the electron mobility and electron concentration, respectively, in different parts of the transistor channel. We show that detectors, consisting of a coupling antenna and a n-MOS field effect transistor as rectifying element, are efficient for THz detection and imaging.