- Ultrahigh sensitive sub-terahertz detection by InP-based asymmetric dual-grating-gate high-electron-mobility transistors and their broadband characteristics doi link

Auteur(s): KURITA Y., Ducournau Guillaume, Coquillat D., Satou A., Kobayashi K., Boubanga-Tombet S., Meziani Y.M., Popov V.V., Knap W., Suemitsu T., Otsuji T.

(Article) Publié: Applied Physics Letters, vol. 104 p.251114, 4 pages (2014)

Ref HAL: hal-01018293_v1
DOI: 10.1063/1.4885499
WoS: 000338515900014
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We report on room-temperature plasmonic detection of sub-terahertz radiation by InAlAs/InGaAs/InP high electron mobility transistors with an asymmetric dual-grating-gate structure. Maximum responsivities of 22.7 kV/W at 200 GHz and 21.5 kV/W at 292 GHz were achieved under unbiased drain-to-source condition. The minimum noise equivalent power was estimated to be 0.48 pW/Hz0.5 at 200 GHz at room temperature, which is the record-breaking value ever reported for plasmonic THz detectors. Frequency dependence of the responsivity in the frequency range of 0.2-2 THz is in good agreement with the theory.