- Substrate optimization for a planar antenna of terahertz Si field effect transistor detectors hal link

Auteur(s): But D., Coquillat D., Diakonova N., Teppe F., Ruffenach S., Knap W., Kopyt P., Marczewski J.

Conference: MIKON 2016 - 21st International Conference on Microwave, Radar and Wireless Communications (Krakow, PL, 2016-05-09)

Ref HAL: hal-01436882_v1
WoS: WOS:000390422000106
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Experimental and theoretical investigations of the influence of substrate thickness on the performance of Si field effect transistor terahertz detectors are presented.. We show that in the case of planar metal antennas a significant portion of incoming radiation, instead of being coupled to the transistors, may be coupled to the substrate leading to important responsivity losses..The ways of avoiding these losses are discussed.