- Imaging and Gas Spectroscopy for Health Protection in Sub-THz Frequency Range doi link

Auteur(s): Knap W.(Corresp.), But D., Coquillat D., Diakonova N., Sypek M., Suszek J., Domracheva E., Chernyaeva M., Vaks V., Maremyanin K., Gavrilenko V., Archier C., Moulin B., Cywinski G., Yahniuk I., Szkudlarek K.

Conférence invité: RJUSE-TeraTech 2016 (Sendaï, JP, 2016-10-31)

Ref HAL: hal-01446248_v1
DOI: 10.1142/S0129156416400176
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An overview of main results concerning THz detection related to plasma nonlinearities in nanometer field effect transistors is presented. In particular the physical limits of the responsivity, speed and the dynamic range of these detectors are discussed. As a conclusion, we will present applications of the FET THz detectors for construction of focal plane arrays. These arrays, together with in purpose developed diffractive 3D printed optics lead to construction of the demonstrators of the fast postal security imagers and nondestructive industrial quality control systems. We will show also first results of FET based imaging that uses for contrast not only usual THz radiation amplitude, but also the degree of its circular polarization. Sub-THz high resolution gas spectroscopy is shown to be a powerful means to diagnose various diseases via exhaled breath analysis.