- Massless Dirac fermions in III-V semiconductor quantum wells doi link

Auteur(s): Krishtopenko S., Desrat W., Spirin K., Consejo C., Ruffenach S., Gonzalez-Posada F., Jouault B., Knap W., Maremyanin K., Gavrilenko V., Boissier G., Torres J., Zaknoune M., Tournié E., Teppe F.

(Article) Publié: -Physical Review B Condensed Matter And Materials Physics (1998-2015), vol. 99 p.121405 (2019)
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Ref HAL: hal-02072785_v1
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.99.121405
WoS: 000460723900004
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We report on the clear evidence of massless Dirac fermions in two-dimensional system based on III-V semiconductors. Using a gated Hall bar made on a three-layer InAs/GaSb/InAs quantum well, we restore the Landau level fan chart by magnetotransport and unequivocally demonstrate a gapless state in our sample. Measurements of cyclotron resonance at different electron concentrations directly indicate a linear band crossing at the point of the Brillouin zone. Analysis of experimental data within an analytical Dirac-like Hamiltonian allows us not only to determine the velocity (v F = 1.8 × 10 5 m/s) of massless Dirac fermions, but also to demonstrate a significant nonlinear dispersion at high energies.