- Lattice Dynamics Study of Thermoelectric Oxychalcogenide BiCuChO (Ch = Se, S) doi link

Auteur(s): Viennois Romain, Hermet P., Beaudhuin Mickael, Bantignies J.-L., Maurin D., Pailhes S., Fernandez-Diaz M. T., Koza M.M., Barreteau Céline, Dragoe Nita, Berardan David

(Article) Publié: The Journal Of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 123 p.16046-16057 (2019)

Ref HAL: hal-02273078_v1
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.9b04806
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The BiCuSeO-based compounds with very low thermal conductivity are among the most promising thermoelectric materials recently discovered. Their lattice dynamics, which remains mostly unexplored experimentally, is investigated in this paper. We report Raman experiments on BiCuSe1–xSxO solid solutions and infrared experiments on BiCuSeO and BiCuSO alloys coupled to first-principles-based calculations. We have observed that the high-energy A1g Raman-active mode strongly depends on the chalcogen content. We also report the density functional theory calculations of the dielectric and elastic constants, the phonons in the whole Brillouin zone, and the thermodynamic properties. We have determined the thermal expansion of BiCuSeO at room temperature from neutron diffraction experiments and evaluated its thermodynamic Grüneisen parameter and found a quite large value compared to other thermoelectric materials, which confirms the large anharmonicity of BiCuSeO.

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