- Glasses and aging: A Statistical Mechanics Perspective arxiv link

Auteur(s): Arceri Francesco, Landes François, Berthier L., Biroli Giulio

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Ref Arxiv: 2006.09725
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We review the field of the glass transition, glassy dynamics and aging from a statistical mechanics perspective. We give a brief introduction to the subject and explain the main phenomenology encountered in glassy systems, with a particular emphasis on spatially heterogeneous dynamics. We review the main theoretical approaches currently available to account for these glassy phenomena, including recent developments regarding mean-field theory of liquids and glasses, novel computational tools, and connections to the jamming transition. Finally, the physics of aging and off-equilibrium dynamics exhibited by glassy materials is discussed.

Commentaires: 50 pages, 24 figs. This is an updated version of a chapter initially written in 2009 for the Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science (Springer)