- Structural and electronic transitions in few layers of isotopically pure hexagonal boron nitride doi link

Auteur(s): Zribi Jihene, Khalil Lama, Avila José, Chaste Julien, Henck Hugo, Oehler Fabrice, Gil B., Liu Song, Edgar James, Giorgetti Christine, Dappe Yannick, Lhuillier Emmanuel, Cassabois G., Ouerghi Abdelkarim, Pierucci Debora

(Article) Publié: Physical Review B, vol. 102 p. (2020)

Ref HAL: hal-02946710_v1
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.102.115141
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Hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) is attracting tremendous interest as an essential component in van der Waals heterostructures due to its ability to provide weakly interacting interfaces and because of its large bandgap. Although most of theoretical calculations yield the standard AA′ stacking for few-layer hBN, the exact determination of its structural and electronic properties remains unrevealed to date. Here, we provide the direct observation of structural and electronic transitions in few layers of isotopically pure exfoliated h11BN flakes. Our nanoscopic angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy measurements combined with density-functional theory calculations indicate that the stacking and the band structure can be strongly affected by the thickness of h11BN. Hence, we show that hBN presents an AA′ stacking in its bulk form and another more exotic stacking for three and four layers. Our findings open perspectives in understanding and controlling the stackings in hBN, which could be of great interest for optoelectronic applications.