- SuSpect3: A C++ Code for the Supersymmetric and Higgs Particle Spectrum of the MSSM arxiv link

Auteur(s): Kneur J.-L., Moultaka G., Ughetto M., Zerwas Dirk, Djouadi Abdelhak

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Ref Arxiv: 2211.16956
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We present the program SuSpect3 that calculates the masses and couplings of the Higgs and supersymmetric particles predicted by the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM). The model is implemented in both its non-constrained version, the MSSM, and its constrained versions, such as the minimal supergravity and the gauge or anomaly mediated supersymmetry breaking models, in which the soft supersymmetry-breaking parameters obey certain universal boundary conditions at the high energy scale. The low energy parameters are then obtained using renormalization group equations and electroweak symmetry breaking, and all the dominant radiative corrections have been consistently implemented. SuSpect3 is a major rewrite, in C++ object oriented programming, of the FORTRAN code SuSpect. It includes all the features of the earlier code in an improved and updated manner, and involves new options such as compressed SUSY scenarios, an MSSM-inflation model and the possibility of using the observed Higgs mass as an input. The main features and the use of the program are explained.

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