- Dynamic heterogeneity in the Glauber-Ising chain

Auteur(s): Mayer P., Sollich P., Berthier L., Garrahan J.P.

(Article) Publié: Journal Of Statistical Mechanics: Theory And Experiment, vol. P05002 p.1-18 (2005)


In a recent paper (Mayer et al, 2004 Phys. Rev. Lett. 93 115701) it was shown, by means of experiments, theory and simulations, that coarsening systems display dynamic heterogeneity analogous to that of glass formers. Here, we present a detailed analysis of dynamic heterogeneities in the Glauber-Ising chain. We discuss how dynamic heterogeneity in Ising systems must be measured through connected multi-point correlation functions. We show that in the coarsening regime of the Ising chain these multi-point functions reveal the growth of spatial correlations in the dynamics, beyond what can be inferred from standard two-point correlations. They have non-trivial scaling properties, which we interpret in terms of the diffusion-annihilation dynamics of domain walls. In the equilibrium dynamics of the Ising chain, on the other hand, connected multi-point functions vanish exactly and dynamic heterogeneity is not observed. We argue that the analysis of connected correlations in coarsening systems should help to explore similarities with the dynamics of glass formers.