Home Page of SuSpect :
a program for the calculation of the SUpersymmetric particle SPECTrum

Authors: Abdelhak Djouadi, Jean-Loic Kneur and Gilbert Moultaka
(Charles Coulomb, CNRS & Université Montpellier).
Latest version : 2.52 latest modifications on October 21, 2019.
hep-ph/0211331 : official reference to be used for the program.

This Fortran code calculates the SUSY and Higgs particle spectrum in the unconstrained Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM), as well as in constrained models (cMSSMs) such as the minimal Supergravity (mSUGRA), the gauge mediated (GMSB) and anomaly mediated (AMSB) Supersymmetry breaking scenarii. All important features and ingredients are included: Downloading the latest SuSpect2 version needed files:
Information on SuSpect: For additional information, comments, complaints or suggestions please E-mail to: J-L Kneur.

SuSpect3 (C++) version 3: Release alpha

Abdelhak Djouadi, Jean-Loic Kneur, Gilbert Moultaka, Michael Ughetto, Dirk Zerwas
Please note that in the SuSpect3 SLHA input file the first label changes in BLOCK SUSPECT_CONFIG example

Many more input examples are distributed with the source files and stored under the examples directory.

Noteworthy features of previous versions:
Main changes in previous version 2.43:

-Few bugs corrected (gnu fortran read/write issues; one bug related to light Higgs mass stability at very high soft scalar terms for low (EWSB) scale input with MA_pole, MU input, see details here

Main changes in previous versions 2.40/2.41 (May 8, Aug. 5 2008):
-Upgraded compatibility with latest SLHA (ver 2) input/output files and conventions. ! users of previous versions <= 2.34: please read here about some input convention changes to conform SLHA input formats
-Improved algorithms for some input choices (typically MA_pole,MU input etc)
-Faster RGE algorithm
NB none of these modifications affect the 'basic' spectrum calculation, so sparticle masses should be identical to ver. 2.34 (up to minute changes due to slight modifications in RGE algorithms, precision, etc...).

-Version 2.3--2.34 (May 2005):
Consistent calculation in the DRbar renormalisation scheme of Higgs mass radiative corrections at one-loop + dominant 2-loop (courtesy of Pietro Slavich routines and input). Plus many additions/improvements in other radiative corrections, few bugs corrected (see details in section "Modifs/corrected bugs" below).
-Options to read input and write output files in the "Les Houches accord" (SLHA) format (see hep-ph/0311123).
-Information in output files on experimentally constrained (g_mu -2, Br(b-> s gamma),..) or theoretically constrained (fine-tuning) quantities.
Full two-loop Renormalization Group Evolution for all beta functions.

Older versions : v 2.34 of (last modif) May 13, 2005: SuSpect2_old