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Theme : Jamming, plasticity and material failure


The constituents of jammed and glassy soft materials are so densely packed and/or so tightly bound that their microscopic dynamics are orders of magnitude slower than in dilute systems. Examples of such materials include, among others, concentrated colloidal suspensions or emulsions, polymer or particle gels, surfactant phases, foams. Our research focuses on the spontaneous (e.g. due to thermal energy) dynamics of these materials, as well as on their behavior in response to an external drive, e.g. a mechanical or thermal forcing.
We leverage on our expertise in the formulation of well-defined supramolecular systems with original properties, combined with home-designed devices allowing a thorough characterization of the structure and dynamics of the system and a fine control of the imposed drive.


Fractures propagating in a dense corn starch suspension. The suspension is confined between two parallel plates separated by a thin gap. The fracture is caused by the fast injection of solvent, at a point about 3 cm from the field of view. The field of view is about 1 cm2. The sample is illuminated using laser light: the temporal fluctuations of the resulting speckle patter carry information on the microscopic dynamics and the velocity field. By Frederic Lechenault, Serge Mora and Luca Cipelletti.

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+ A double rigidity transition rules the fate of drying colloidal drops doi link

Author(s): Milani M., Phou T., Ligoure C., Cipelletti L., Ramos L.

(Article) Published: Soft Matter, vol. 2023 p.19 (2023)
Links openAccess full text : arXiv

+ Impact of polyelectrolyte adsorption on the rheology of concentrated poly( N -isopropylacrylamide) microgel suspensions doi link

Author(s): Elancheliyan R., Chauveau E., Truzzolillo D.

(Article) Published: Soft Matter, vol. 19 p.4794-4807 (2023)
Links openAccess full text : fichier pdf

+ Discussion about suitable applications for biodegradable plastics regarding their sources, uses and end of life doi link

Author(s): Paul-Pont Ika, Ghiglione Jean-François, Gastaldi Emmanuelle, ter Halle Alexandra, Huvet Arnaud, Bruzaud Stéphane, Lagarde Fabienne, Galgani François, Duflos Guillaume, George M., Fabre P.

(Article) Published: Waste Management, vol. 157 p.242-248 (2023)


Material failure

Material failure
1. Dynamic precursors of material failure in the creep of a colloidal gel. People involved: S. Aime (PhD), C. Ligoure (Pr), L. Ramos (DR CNRS), L. Cipelletti (Pr)
We study (...)

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The glass transition of soft colloids

The glass transition of soft colloids
People involved: A.-M. Philippe (Postdoc), D. Truzzolillo (CR CNRS), L. Berthier (DR CNRS), L. Cipelletti (Pr).
We use a combination of light and X-ray (...)

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Viscous, viscoelastic, and elastic sheets

Viscous, viscoelastic, and elastic sheets People involved: S. Arora (PhD), C. Ligoure (Pr.), L. Ramos (DR. CNRS) T. Phou (IE), J-M Fromental (IE), collaboration with S. Mora (Pr - LMGC)
The (...)

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