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Exciton, Photon and Spin Physics Axis

Coordinators : Mauro ANTEZZA and Vincent JACQUES
Secretary : Tél. : +33 (0) 4 67 14 37 87 - Fax : +33 (0) 4 67 14 37 60

Research fields

The PEPS division is composed of experimentalists and theorists, having a common interest in radiation-matter interaction, considered either as an object or as a tool for our studies. It gathers three research teams:

- The "Theory of Light-Matter and Quantum Phenomena (RMPQ)" team, developing its activity around 6 main topics:

Non-equilibrium quantum dynamics Casimir-Lifshitz interactions Heat transfer Complex quantum systems Many-body physics Nanophotonics and plasmonics

Two teams gathering experimentalists :
- the "Optics of collective states and Spin (OECS)" team
- the "Solid-State Quantum Technologies (S2QT)" team

They develop their activity around 6 main topics:

Spin Physics Collective Quantum States Wide bandgap materials and UV photonics
2D Materials Nanophotonics and metamaterials Solid-state Quantum Technologies

Experimental Plateforms

The experimental activities rely on advanced facilities including:

Spectroscopy down to the UV spectral range Magneto-optics

Join us

The division offers many opportunities for internship, at all level and duration. It also offers PhD or postdoctoral positions. These offers include:

- Internship : Thermal sensing at nanoscale with a single spin qubit
- Internship : Imaging magnetism at nanoscale with a quantum magnetometer
- Internship : Identifying spin qubit defects in wide bandgap materials
- Internship : Optical thermotronics
- Internship/PhD (Master, rather 2nd year, or PhD): Spin noise spectroscopy of electrons in semiconductors->doc1184]
- Master Internship/funded PhD: Waveguide Polariton Lasers: quantum fluids of light for integrated photonics

32 People


All productions

Latest publications

+ Preparation of Confined One-Dimensional Boron Nitride Chains in the 1-D Pores of Siliceous Zeolites under High-Pressure, High-Temperature Conditions doi link

Author(s): Paliwoda Damian, Fabbiani Marco, Wynn Mélanie, Alabarse Frederico, Rosenthal Anja, Crichton Wilson, Konczewicz L., Bockowski Michal, Maurin D., Michel T., Demirci Umit, Rouquette Jérôme, Hermet P., Di Renzo Francesco, van der Lee Arie, Cassabois G., Bernard Samuel, Haines Julien

(Article) Published: Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 61 p.18059-18066 (2022)

+ Stacking-dependent deep level emission in boron nitride doi link

Author(s): Rousseau A., Valvin P., Elias C., Xue L., Li J., Edgar J. H., Gil B., Cassabois G.(Corresp.)

(Article) Published: Physical Review Materials, vol. 6 p.094009 (2022)

+ Domain Decomposition Spectral Method Applied to Modal Method: Direct and Inverse Spectral Transforms doi link

Author(s): Edee Kofi, Granet G., Paladian Francoise, Bonnet Pierre, Al Achkar Ghida, Damaj Lana, Plumey Jean-Pierre, Larciprete Maria Cristina, Guizal B.

(Article) Published: Sensors, vol. 22 p.8131 (2022)
Links openAccess full text : openaccess