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Exciton, Photon and Spin Physics Axis

Coordinators : Mauro ANTEZZA and Vincent JACQUES
Secretary : Tél. : +33 (0) 4 67 14 37 87 - Fax : +33 (0) 4 67 14 37 60

Research fields

The PEPS division is composed of experimentalists and theorists, having a common interest in radiation-matter interaction, considered either as an object or as a tool for our studies. It gathers three research teams:

 The "Theory of Light-Matter and Quantum Phenomena (RMPQ)" team, developing its activity around 6 main topics:

Non-equilibrium quantum dynamics Casimir-Lifshitz interactions Heat transfer Complex quantum systems Many-body physics Nanophotonics and plasmonics

Two teams gathering experimentalists :
 the "Optics of collective states and Spin (OECS)" team
 the "Solid-State Quantum Technologies (S2QT)" team

They develop their activity around 6 main topics:

Spin Physics Collective Quantum States Wide bandgap materials and UV photonics
2D Materials Nanophotonics and metamaterials Solid-state Quantum Technologies

Experimental Plateforms

The experimental activities rely on advanced facilities including:

Spectroscopy down to the UV spectral range Magneto-optics

Join us

The division offers many opportunities for internship, at all level and duration. It also offers PhD or postdoctoral positions. These offers include:

 Internship : Thermal sensing at nanoscale with a single spin qubit
 Internship : Imaging magnetism at nanoscale with a quantum magnetometer
 Internship : Identifying spin qubit defects in wide bandgap materials
 Internship : Optical thermotronics
 Internship/PhD (Master, rather 2nd year, or PhD):Optical spectroscopy of indirect excitons->doc1517]
 Master Internship: Waveguide Polariton Lasers: from optical pumping to electrical injection

All productions

Latest publications

+ Measurement of near-field thermal radiation between multilayered metamaterials doi link

Author(s): Zhang Sen, Dang Yongdi, Li Xinran, Iqbal Naeem, Jin Yi, Choudhury Pankaj k, Antezza M., Xu Jianbin, Yungui Ma

(Article) Published: Physical Review Applied, vol. 21 p.024054 (2024)

+ Large-area polycrystalline α-MoO_3 thin films for IR photonics doi link

Author(s): Maria cristina Larciprete, Daniele Ceneda, Chiyu Yang, Sina abedini Dereshgi, Federico vittorio Lupo, Maria pia Casaletto, Roberto Macaluso, Antezza M., Zhang Z., Centini M., Koray Aydin

(Article) Published: Journal Of Physics D: Applied Physics, vol. 57 p.135107 (2024)

+ Purcell Enhancement of Silicon W Centers in Circular Bragg Grating Cavities doi link

Author(s): Lefaucher Baptiste, Jager Jean-Baptiste, Calvo Vincent, Cache F., Durand A., Jacques V., Robert-Philip I., Cassabois G., Baron Y., Mazen Frédéric, Kerdilès Sébastien, Reboh Shay, Dréau A., Gérard Jean-Michel

(Article) Published: Acs Photonics, vol. 11 p.24–32 (2024)
Links openAccess full text : arxiv