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Functionalization of carbon nanotubes

par Sébastien LAYSSAC - publié le

Involved researchers : J.L. Bantignies, M. Paillet
Collaboration : J.P. Lère-Porte, F. Serein-Spirau - ICG Montpellier)

Structural modification of carbon nanotubes offers the possibility to confer them new properties and to facilitate their processing and assembly. Among the large opportunities given by functionalization chemistry, we are studying the effect of covalent grafting and non-covalent stacking of optically active species on carbon nanotube walls. We are interested in the investigation and the characterization of the structural and physical properties of functionalized carbon nanotubes. We are varying parameters such as the type of chemical reaction used for functionalization, the density and chemical nature of the addends and the diameter/chirality distribution of the nanotube samples. Beyond the fundamental aspect of such studies, we aim to design new hybrid nanostructures with extended functionalities.

Raman (left) and absorption (right) spectra of raw and iodo-phenyl functionalized nanotubes. - © L2C

J. Cabana et al. Langmuir in press