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Interface tailored Materials

par Christophe BLANC - publié le , mis à jour le

1. PIC micelles as structuring agents for mesoporous materials

Structured mesoporous materials present surfaces that are used as catalyst support and large porous volumes that are used as drug cargo. Such materials are synthesized through templating silica condensation around organic structuring agents that are usually removed by calcination to reveal the final porosity of the material.
The aim of our collaborative research with the Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier (ICGM) is to develop eco-friendly routes to mesoporous materials based on the use of electrostatic complexes of block copolymers called PIC micelles. Such micelles form in a narrow range of physico-chemical conditions and disassemble when switched back out of that range. Porosity of the final material is revealed by simple elution, rather than by calcination and the copolymers can be recovered and used in several mesoporous material synthesis cycles [1]. When the conditions of elution are made specific, drug loaded porous materials can be prepared in a single step [2].
Compared to classical structuring agents obtained from amphiphilic molecules, PIC micelles contain large amounts of water that we would like to be able to tune in order to control the final mesostructure of the material [3]. Single step preparation of functionalized porous materials requires the formation PIC micelles with more than two copolymers. The challenge here is to control the segregation scale of these copolymers in order to obtain mixed PIC micelles while keeping the elution step specific [4].

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[3] Funding by Labex ChemiSyst, Université de Montpellier.

[4] Funding by ANR, “MESOPIC” project under contract ANR-15-CE07-0005-02.