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Development of new glass compositions for medical applications

par Christelle EVE - publié le

Context :
We are interested in the development of new composite materials for bone tissues engineering and more precisely to the incorporation of bioactive mineral glasses in a soft polysaccharides biocompatible matrix (collaboration between the IMP - UCB Lyon 1 and LC2 – UM) [1]. Conventional bioactive glass ®45S5 has been shown to be efficient for such applications. We are now interested in the development of new glass compositions allowing to tailor the composite materials properties [2]. Phosphate glasses, whose properties can be significantly modified with small glass composition changes, have been shown to be of interest. However the relationship between the glass composition and its degradability and bio-activity is not well known in this kind of glasses.

Scientific and technical work :
In this project, different phosphate glasses of interest for biomedical applications will first be synthetized. Their dissolution behavior in different media (water and physiological solution) will then be analyzed. The dissolution rates will be characterized, as well as the evolution of the pH of the leachate solutions. The mechanisms of glass degradation will then be discussed in the framework recently proposed by Ma et al. [2]. On other objective of this work is to better characterize the bio-activity of the developed phosphate glasses. Body fluids should indeed induce microstructural transformations in surface, and later in volume of the glasses in order to produce finally a hydroxycarbonate apatite ceramic which can strongly interact with bone tissues but also with soft tissues. These modifications of the glass surfaces in contact with simulated body fluids will be analyzed using MEB/EDX and DRX.

[1] Montembault A., David L., Delair T., Gremillard L., Tadier S., Despetis F., Faivre A. Produit et procédé pour la préparation d’une composition injectable, à base de chitosane et de bioverres, destinée à la régénération du tissu osseux. Numéro de dépôt : FR 16 54470. Date de dépôt : 19/05/2016.
[2] Faivre A ., Despetis F., Duffours L., Colombel P.,Effect of CaO and Al2O3 addition on the properties of K2O - Na2O - P2O5 glass system, accepted in the International Journal of Applied Glass Science
[3] Ma L, Brow RK, Schlesinger ME. Dissolution behavior of Na2O–FeO–Fe2O3–P2O5 glasses. J Non-Cryst Solids. 2017 ;463:90-101

Contact :
Annelise FAIVRE - Tel : 04671432784
Florence DESPETIS - Tel : 0467144691