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Experimental Resources

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Experimental resources routinely available within the group :

 Growth facilities

  • MBE Riber 2300
  • Chemical Bath
  • Deposition Setup
  • Electrochemical Deposition Setup

 High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction

  • Brucker D8 Discover
Available Characterizations :
- Theta/omega and Rocking Curves (symmetric and asymmetric),
- Phi-scans, Texture, Mapping,
- Grazing Incidence Diffraction (GID)
- Reflectometry

 Optical Spectroscopy

  • Photoluminescence, Reflectivity, Absorption measurements.
    A He loop cryostat enables reliable optical measurements from 4K to 350K.
    The 2 experimental setups cover the wavelength range from near Infrared to near Ultra-Violet.

 Electrical Characterization

  • A four probe Hall Effect Measurement setup allows characterization at 300K and 77K.
  • An AM1.5 solar simulator enables determining our solar cell efficiencies.

 Atomic Force Microscopy

  • SMENA NT-MDT Microscope