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II-VI semiconductors Epitaxy

par Sandra Ruffenach - publié le

The former GES Epitaxy group has been working on the epitaxy of wide gap semiconductors since 1987. It was involved in the MOCVD growth of wide-gap II-VI semiconductors from 1987 to 1995 and was the coordinating partner in the ESPRIT III Basic research project MTVLE n°6675, which involved THOMSON CSF, Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, EPICHEM Ltd. and ASM France as partners, later rejoined by the LETI. In this project, purity and defect issues were solved which enabled to grow microgun and optically pumped II-VI ZnSSe/ZnSe/ZnCdSe laser structures, emitting in the visible blue, with a low threshold. A wide range of II-VI microstructures as ZnSe/ZnS, ZnTe/ZnSe, ZnCdSe/ZnSe were grown and thoroughly studied in particular regarding their optical properties.

Main publications :

 “Optical spectroscopy in (Zn,Cd)Se-ZnSe graded-index separate-confinement heterostructures”
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 "Reflectivity and photoluminescence measurements in ZnS epilayers grown by Metal-Organic Chemical-Vapor-Deposition"
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 "Low-pressure MOVPE growth of ZnSe, ZnTe, and Znse/ZnTe strained-layer superlattices"
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