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III-N Epitaxy : InN, GaN, AlN

par Sandra Ruffenach - publié le

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The former GES Epitaxy group was involved in the growth of nitrides. Our work in this field has been to understand and optimise the growth mechanisms and to analyze the effects and correlation between growth parameters, as well as their impact on the optical and electronic properties of semiconductor nitrides, in view of realizing devices.
From 1995, our work was dedicated to the study of the MOCVD growth of GaN, AlN and related compounds and heterostructures. As a part of a RTN network (RENIBEL) dedicated to the Bright light Emitters based on rare earth doped Gallium Nitride, we studied rare earth doped GaN growth by Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE).
In 2002, our team has been the first team in Europe to realize the epitaxy of Indium Nitride (InN) by MOCVD.

Main publications on InN :

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Main publications on GaN, GaAlN :

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Main publications on rare earth doped GaN :

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