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Investigation of the polymer dynamics in silica/polymer nanocomposites

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Involved researchers : A.C. Genix, J. Oberdisse, C. Dupas
(collaboration : F. Ganachaud, Ecole de Chimie – Montpellier / M. Tyagi, NIST – USA / J. Colmenero, A. Arbe, San Sebastian – SPAIN)

We are interested to study the effects of silica nanoparticles on both the structure and dynamics of the polymer matrix. To prepare the samples, we exploit an original way of synthesis developed in Montpellier (Ouzo effect).
Using the backscattering spectrometer at NIST, we have followed the proton dynamics of polyisoprene chains in a silica-nanoparticle containing matrix over nanosecond time-scales. Through the Q-dependence of the incoherent scattering, we expect direct spatial information on the atomic motions (self motions). In parallel, the structure of the systems was investigated by using Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS).