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NEWAVE (ANR project, 2022-2025) : New concepts for waveguide micro- and nano-lasers

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NEWAVE (ANR project, 2022-2025)

New concepts for waveguide micro- and nano-lasers

  • Project coordinator : Thierry Guillet, Laboratoire Charles Coulomb, Montpellier
  • Project goal : exploring new operation modes for micro- and nano-lasers for integrated photonics
  • Partners :
    • L2C, Montpellier
    • CRHEA, Sophia Antipolis
    • C2N, Saclay
    • Institut Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand
  • ANR Collaborative Research Program (PRC),
    • Contract ANR-21-CE24-0019-01
    • within CE24 (Micro et nanotechnologies pour le traitement de l’information et la communication)

The foreseen microlasers are based on polaritonic waveguides (GaN), an "all-in-one" active medium that is very different from usual semiconducting active layers, thus revisiting in depth the laser mechanisms.

They provide a very strong gain, low absorption losses and a self-focusing non-linearity.

The challenge is to control the laser dynamics by patterning photonic crystal waveveguides in order to realise continuous-wave or pulsed laser sources (with an ultra-low energy per pulse), and then a topological laser including an intra-cavity optical isolator.