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Thème : Mécanismes d’endommagement des verres à l’échelle nanométrique


The damage mechanisms involve a complex interplay between chemical reactions and transport problems under strong stress gradients in the neighborhood of glass-environment interfaces (confined or not). The effect of structural and chemical alterations on the local elastic properties and stress fields must also be accounted properly.
The damage mechanisms are investigated at the bulk level by spectroscopic techniques, at the nanometer scale by AFM observations and at the molecular level by numerical modeling. This will allow in turn understanding the size effect on these properties. A special attention will be devoted to modeling the densification behavior of anomalous and normal glasses under hydrostatic pressure, as well as the influence of the water contents.

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+ Properties of dentin, enamel and their junction, studied with Brillouin scattering and compared to Raman microscopy doi link

Auteur(s): Desoutter Alban, Felbacq D., Gergely C., Varga B., Bonnet L., Etienne P., Vialla R., Cuisinier Frédéric, Salehi Hamideh, Rousseau E., Ruffle B.

(Article) Publié: Archives Of Oral Biology, vol. 152 p.105733 (2023)


AFM investigation of stress-corrosion mechanisms

Involved researchers : M. Ciccotti, M. George, A. Grimaldi, G. Pallares, F. Lechenault
The investigations on the slow crack propagation in silicate glasses are based on an original experimental (…)

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Environmental condition at crack tips in silica glass

Involved researchers : M. Ciccotti, M. George, A. Grimaldi, G. Pallares (Collaboration L. Wondraczek, E. Charlaix)
The environmental condition at the crack tip has a determinant effect on the (…)

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Ionic migration at the crack tip

Involved researchers : M. Ciccotti, M. George, G. Pallares (Collaboration C. Marlière, F. Célarié)
The slow advance of a crack in soda-silicate glasses was studied at nanometer scale by in-situ (…)

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Couplage sondes locales et spectroscopie

Involved researchers : M. Ciccotti, M. Foret, C. Genix, M. George, B. Hehlen, B. Rufflé, C. Weigel
The efforts of development of high resolution spatially resolved spectroscopic techniques is (…)

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Plasticity and densification

Involved researchers : M. Foret, B. Hehlen, B. Rufflé, H. Tran (PhD), C. Weigel
Because of their dominant brittle character, glasses experience plasticity only under high pressure or high stress (…)

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