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Ionic migration at the crack tip

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Involved researchers : M. Ciccotti, M. George, G. Pallares
(Collaboration C. Marlière, F. Célarié)

The slow advance of a crack in soda-silicate glasses was studied at nanometer scale by in-situ and real-time atomic force microscopy (AFM) in a well-controlled atmosphere. An enhanced diffusion of sodium ions in the stress-gradient field at the sub-micrometric vicinity of the crack tip was revealed through several effects : growth of nodules in AFM height images, changes in the AFM tip–sample energy dissipation. The nodules patterns revealed a dewetting phenomenon evidenced by ‘breath figures’.

AFM topographic image of ion migration near a crack tip - © L2C

Recent publication : J. Non-Cryst. Solids 353, pp. 51-68 (2007)