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RAMOS Laurence      
Organism : CNRS
Directeur de Recherche
Doctoral advisor of : MILANI M.,
Other research theme(s) or assignment(s) :
 - Matière molle pour l’agronomie et l’environnement
 - Jamming, plasticité et défaillance des matériaux
 - Rhéologie
Room: 116, Build.: 11 - Site : Campus Triolet

National Administration:
  • Elu/nommé au CS/CSD CNRS ou IRD
Local Administration:
  • Direction/codirection de laboratoire
Curriculum Vitae:     
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Research Program/Curriculum vitae:
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Projects participation(s):

Research Topics:
  • Physics/Condensed Matter/Soft Condensed Matter
  • Life Sciences/Food engineering
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Physics/Physics/Fluid Dynamics
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Chemical Sciences/Material chemistry
  • Physics/Mechanics/Fluid mechanics
  • Chemical Sciences/or physical chemistry
  • Life Sciences/Food and Nutrition
  • Physics/Condensed Matter/Statistical Mechanics
  • Physics/Condensed Matter
  • Physics/Mechanics/Mechanics of materials
  • Chemical Sciences/Radiochemistry
  • Engineering Sciences/Materials
  • Engineering Sciences/Reactive fluid environment
  • Engineering Sciences/Mechanics
  • Life Sciences/Agricultural sciences/Agronomy
  • Chemical Sciences/Catalysis
  • Chemical Sciences/Polymers
  • Physics/Condensed Matter/Materials Science
  • Engineering Sciences/Mechanics/Fluids mechanics
  • Physics/Mechanics
  • Physics/Physics/Biological Physics
  • Life Sciences/Cellular Biology
  • Life Sciences/Biochemistry, Molecular Biology/Biophysics
  • Life Sciences/Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
  • Physics/Physics/Chemical Physics
  • Physics/Condensed Matter/Other
. Structure et Propriétés Hors-Equilibre de Systèmes Auto-Assemblés Complexes.

Author(s): Ramos L.

(H.D.R.) , 2003

Latest scientific productions :
+ Controlling the volume fraction of glass-forming colloidal suspensions using thermosensitive host “mesogels” doi link

Author(s): Behra J., Thiriez Ambre, Truzzolillo D., Ramos L., Cipelletti L.

(Article) Published: The Journal Of Chemical Physics, vol. 156 p.134901 (2022)
Links openAccess full text : fichier pdf

+ Thermodynamic insights on the liquid-liquid fractionation of gluten proteins in aqueous ethanol doi link

Author(s): Morel Marie-Hélène, Pincemaille J., Lecacheux Laure, Menut Paul, Ramos L., Banc A.

(Article) Published: Food Hydrocolloids, vol. 123 p.107142 (2022)

+ Instabilities in freely expanding sheets of associating viscoelastic fluids doi link

Author(s): Arora S., Louhichi A., VLASSOPOULOS D., Ligoure C., Ramos L.

(Article) Published: Soft Matter, vol. 2021 p.10935 (2021)
Links openAccess full text : arxiv

. Food as complex soft matter physics systems - Is gluten a polymer gel like any others? A journey into the complexity of wheat proteins?

Author(s): Ramos L.

Invited Conference: 1st International Seminar on Soft Matter & Food: 1st Polish-Slovenian Edition. Physico-Chemical mode (hybride (Lasek and on-line), PL, 2021-11-22)

. Rheology of model gluten gels

Author(s): Ramos L.

Invited Conference: Probing out-of-equilibrium soft matter (Fribourg, CH, 2021-10-22)